The Zoeterwoude brewery currently uses natural gas and electricity. It is looking for renewable alternatives.

Wind energy

Four wind turbines are due to be constructed on the brewery site early in 2015. The turbines will be able to supply 43% of the electricity currently required.


This is a climate-neutral alternative to natural gas. The Zoeterwoude brewery needs 20 million m3 of biogas to meet its heating requirements in a climate-neutral manner. Biomass is required for the production of biogas. There is plenty of potential for the production of biomass within the province. Potential sources include verge grass, natural grass and reeds, and manure from dairy farms in the Green Heart area. Groene Cirkels is looking for ways of increasing the amount of biomass from the landscape and agriculture. Cooperation here could make the difference in terms of economies of scale and efficiency, for example by collecting the gas from producers by means of a biogas pipeline.