The CiFoS team is co-responsible for coordinating work package 6 “Re-design of circular food systems”, of the Horizon Europe Re-livestock project (2022 - 2027). This work package will develop a novel suit of models to explore the resilience of European production systems under different climatic conditions and mitigation and adaptation practices.

In order to do this, the CiFoS model will be integrated with the climate vegetation model LPJmL, and extended with the mitigation and adaptation practices proposed by the working packages “Re-breeding livestock for resilience” (WP2), “Re-feeding livestock for resilience” (WP3) and “Re-managing at the farm level for livestock resilience” (WP4).

The outcomes of the CiFoS model will then be linked to a spatial allocation model to give a spatially explicit indication of the impact of livestock on production cycles and planetary boundaries. In addition, to shed light on new food systems redesigns within planetary boundaries, the outcomes of the modelling work will be used to develop a game to support participatory processes of roadmap development together with European stakeholders.