Dutch expertise & opportunities

The Netherlands is known for intensive livestock production systems with a high resource efficiency and low emissions to the environment.

The Dutch excel in several fields of expertise that are of vital importance for the global challenge to up-grade livestock production. This includes extensive experience and knowledge on intensive livestock systems. This ranges from land use to feeding and from breeding to product quality. Much of this expertise is primarily resting with farmers and private companies. Other expertise rests more with public agencies, like the control of infectious animal diseases.

Key networks include:

  • Dutch Dairy Centre - an internationally operating network of companies based in the Netherlands.
  • Poultry Expertise Centre - a partnership of private-sector companies, local governments and educational institutes, operating in the poultry industry.
  • VIC Sterksel - Swine Innovation Centre - a research centre for innovative and sustainable pig husbandry, both in the Netherlands and abroad.

Key areas of expertise - Unique selling points of the Dutch

  • Organizing efficient food chains in dairy, poultry, and pig production (from feed to fork) - The Netherlands has much experience with and knowledge of organizing efficient food chains (from feed to fork) with integrated and holistic approaches regarding quality control and reaching efficiency in the chain.
  • A number of large Dutch companies in input provision (feed, genetics) and processing (dairy, meat) have significant international experience. Quite a number of these companies have investments in countries outside the EU. This includes:
  1. Animal feed production
  2. Animal genetics and breeding
  3. Dairy processing
  4. Meat processing.
  • Specialized equipment and services are offered by a large number of SMEs (Small and Medium-scale Enterprises), some of which have significant experience in countries outside the EU.
  • The international orientation of the Dutch livestock production sector is growing due to the limited growth potential at home.
  • The Dutch achievements in terms of productivity and product quality have come about in a long process of dealing with issues around the environmental impact and social acceptance of livestock production. Experience and expertise of both private and public sector players can be banked on in addressing complex issues in other contexts. Such issues include:
  1. Environmental impact of livestock production
  2. Animal welfare of animals in intensive production systems
  3. Animal and public health issues.

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