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Public Reports

The public reports are divided into the following categories: 1) Reports accessible to the public; 2) Articles; 3) Conference contributions; and 4) Other publication types. You can find those reports here.

Reports accessible to the public

  • Timmerman, M. ; Eekert, M.H.A. van; Riel, J.W. van; Schuman, E. (2013)
    Mestvergisting bij korte verblijftijden. V-focus 10 (2013)6. - p. 42 - 43.
    Download here
  • Thoden van Velzen, E.U.; Weijma, J.; Sukkel, W.; Vader, J.; Reinhard, A.J.; Oliemans, W.J. (2013)
    Handelingsperspectief circulaire economie Amsterdam, gezamenlijke oplossingen en kansen voor betere kringloopsluiting in Metropoolregio Amsterdam (MRA): factsheets bij het visiedocument. LEI, 2013. Download here
  • Eekert, M.H.A. van; Weijma, J. ; Verdoes, N. ; Buisonje, F.E. de; Reitsma, B.A.H. ; Bulk, J. van den (2012) Explorative research on innovative nitrogen recovery. STOWA rapportnr. 2012-51. Download here
  • Bisschops, I. ; Timmerman, M. ; Weijma, J. ; Eekert, M.H.A. van; Buisonjé, F.E. de; Spanjers, H. (2012)
    Synergie RWZI en mestverwerking. STOWA, 2012 (2011-10 ) - p. 92
  • Bisschops, I., van Eekert, M., Rossum, F.,Wilschut, M., van der Spoel, H. (2010) Betuwse Kunstmest. Winning van stikstof en fosfaat uit urine. STOWA rapportnr. 2010-30.
  • Wortmann, E., Kujawa-Roeleveld, K., Zeeman, G., van Erp Taalman Kip, C., van Betuw, W., van Voorthuizen, E., Meulman, B., Elzinga, N. (2010) Nieuwe Sanitatie Westland, STOWA rapportnr. 2010-10.
  • Kujawa-Roeleveld K., Grotenhuis T., Kragic Kok D., Schuman E., Jacobi J., Mels A., Zeeman G. (2009) Sorption and biodegradation of pharmaceutical compounds in soil - Application of urine as a natural fertiliser for energy crops. STOWA project ‘Anderen - Anders Plassen’.
  • Kujawa-Roeleveld K., Zhang J., Mels A., Jacobi J. (2009) Sorption and oxidation of selected pharmaceutical compounds from separately collected human urine. Case: Sleen, De Schoel, separated collection of urine from a point source and treatment for removal of pharmaceutical compounds. STOWA project ‘Sleen - De Schoel’.
  • Timmerman M., van Riel J.W., Bisschops I., van Eekert, M. (2009) Optimaliseren van mestvergisting. Animal Sciences Group, Wageningen UR. Download here.
  • Wortel N.C., Koetse E., Kujawa-Roeleveld K. (2009) Zuiveren van brongescheiden urine - Verwijdering van medicatie en hormoonverstorende activiteit. STOWA project ‘Sleen - De Schoel’.


    • Wielemaker, R.C. ;Weijma, J. ; Zeeman, G. (2016) Harvest to harvest: Recovering nutrients with New Sanitationsystems for reuse in Urban Agriculture. Download here
    • Schram, E. ; Eekert, M.H.A. van; Schuman, E. ; Swinkels, W. (2011) Grondsmaak in kweekvis deel 2. Aquacultuur 26 (3) p. 29 - 36.
    • Bisschops, I.; Timmerman, M.; Weijma, J.; Man, A. de (2011) Mogelijkheden tot synergie door mestverwerking op een rioolwaterzuiveringsinstallatie \ H twee O : tijdschrift voor watervoorziening en afvalwaterbehandeling. Download here
    • Timmerman, M.; Weijma, J.; Bisschops, I.(2011) Mest verwerkt bij rioolwaterzuiveraar. V-focus : vakblad voor adviseurs in de dierlijke sector
    • Eekert, M.H.A. van; Dooren, H.J.C. van; Lexmond, M.J. ; Zeeman, G.(2010)
      Wastewater and Manure. In: Methane and Climate Change / Reay, D., Smith, P., Amstel, A. van, London : Earthscan, 2010 - p. 151 - 174.
    • Kragić-Kok, D., Spanjers, H. and Starkl, M. (2010) Global knowledge based technologies for water supply and sanitation in rural and peri-urban areas – an integrated approach for various stakeholders and decision makers, presented at the Project Antinomos final conference on “Dilemmas in Water Supply and Sanitation Sustainable Technology”, November 22-24, 2010, Bari, Italy.
    • Kujawa-Roeleveld, K., Sinnema, K., Heideveld, M., van Heerde, S., Overbeek, A. (2010) Sustainability Research in South Africa, Water 21: Dec 2010.
    • Nzila, C., Dewulf, J., Spanjers, H., Kiriamiti, H., van Langenhove, H. (2010) Biowaste energy potential in Kenya, Renewable Energy 35:2698-2794
    • Taş, N., Heilig, H. G. H. J., van Eekert, M. H. A., Schraa, G., De Vos, W. M. and Smidt, H. (2010) Concurrent hexachlorobenzene and chloroethene transformation by endogenous dechlorinating microorganisms in the Ebro River sediment, FEMS Microbiology Ecology 74:682-692.
    • Taş, N., van Eekert, M. H. A., de Vos, W. M. and Smidt, H. (2010) The little bacteria that can – Diversity, genomics and ecophysiology of 'Dehalococcoides' spp. in contaminated environments. Microbial Biotechnology 3:389-402.
    • Weelink, S. A. B., van Eekert, M. H. A. and Stams, A. J. M. (2010) Degradation of BTEX by anaerobic bacteria: Physiology and application. Reviews in Environmental Science and Biotechnology 9:359-385.
    • Okutman Tas D., Karahan Ö, Insel G., Övez S., Orhon D. and Spanjers H. (2009) Biodegradability and denitrification potential of settleable COD in domestic sewage. Water Environ. Res., 81, 715-727. Download here.
    • Taş N., van Eekert M.H.A, Schraa G., Zhou J., de Vos W.M., and Smidt H. (2009) Tracking functional Guilds: Dehalococcoides spp. in European River basins contaminated with hexachlorobenzene. Applied and Environmental Microbiology: 75(14): 4696-4704. Download here.
    • Taş N., van Eekert M.H.A, de Vos W.M., and Smidt H. (2009) The Little Bacteria that Can – Diversity, Genomics and Ecophysiology of "Dehalococcoides" spp. in Contaminated Environments. Microbial Biotechnology: doi:10.1111/j.1751-7915.2009.00147.x. Download here.
    • Warmenhoven J.W. and Spanjers H. (2009). TOC based control of anaerobic reactor treating wastewater from a fruit juice packaging factory. Accepted for Wat. Sci. Tech.

    Conference contributions

    • Schram, E., Swinkels, W., van Eekert, M., Schuman, E., Schneider, O., and Verreth, J. (2010) How to prevent off-flavour in farmed fish? Poster presented at Aquaculture Europe, October 5-8 (2010) Porto, Portugal.
    • Ronteltap, M. and van Eekert, M. (2010) P-recovery from source separated urine. Presented at Trend in Environmental Biotechnology: “Phosphorus: from excess to shortage. Can technology solve the problem?”, November 18, Delft, The Netherlands
    • van Eekert, M. (2010) Nieuwe sanitatie. Verwerking van urine: terugwinning van N en P. Opening van Saniphos, Zutphen 13 oktober 2010 ( Miriam H.A. van Eekert, Iemke Bisschops, Maikel Timmerman, Grietje Zeeman, 2009. Methane from biomass; an efficient use of byproducts. SENSE symposium: Innovative Techniques for a sustainable environment. 19-20 Feb-ruary 2009. Wageningen, the Netherlands.

    Other publication types

    • Book "My Anaerobic Sustainability Story" by: Gatze Lettinga (2014) Have a look at the preview. To order copies: please send an email.
    • Book "Synergie RWZI en mestverwerking". Bisschops, I. (2011) Download here
    • Book (chapter) Miriam H.A. van Eekert, Hendrik Jan van Dooren, Marjo Lexmond, and Grietje Zeeman (2010) Methane from wastewater and manure. In: “Methane and Climate Change” Earthscan Publishers, 261 pp.