The project aimed at contributing to global and local knowledge networks for solving real life water supply and sanitation (WSS) problems in developing countries in view of reaching the MDGs.

Based on an account of failures of WSS interventions in the last decades, ANTINOMOS aimed at making an impact through bridging contrasts (between conceptual approaches, or between perceptions of global and local knowledge networks) and knowledge gaps (between knowledge areas which have only recently been recognized by decision makers as a key issue in reaching the MDGs). The core part of the proposal was devoted in attempts to bridge these contrasts and knowledge gaps. For this purpose, special attention was devoted to linking state-of-the-art technological advancement in WSS with local resources and grassroots innovations, in order to enable context-specific learning opportunities for more sustainable solutions to real water problems.

LeAF activities involved contributions to state-of-the art (global) knowledge in WSS technologies.


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