In 1997, we started the Foundation for Environmental Protection and Resource Conservation (EP&RC). Initially from a rather idealistic approach, aiming to increase the implementation of sustainable, mostly anaerobic, technologies. Focus was on increasing awareness, knowledge transfer and capacity building on the one hand and on implementation of our knowledge via demonstration and implementation projects mainly in developing countries and countries in transition on the other hand. Financial resources were found in funding programmes and in the money made available via commercial contracts.

Over the years, we have broadened our focus. Aiming for the most sustainable realistic options, we still consider anaerobic technology to be one of the most appropriate technologies, but we also aim to apply other sustainable complementary technologies in industry and society where useful. As more and more of our clients are Dutch or European industries or (local) governments, we decided it was time to change our legal status. All our activities, assets and liabilities and of course staff were reassigned to LeAF BV as of the beginning of 2013.

We maintain our independent position, allowing us to think along with our clients to develop the best fitting advices or solutions. Apart from independency, also quality and creativity have our highest priority.  Leettinga Foundation (official name Stichting Lettinga) is the sole shareholder of LeAF BV: profits will be used to invest in our on-going efforts to make society more sustainable.